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Description:   The purpose of the Loads of Linux Links project is to collect, organise, classify andmaintain selected URLs about Linux and the Open Source movement. The resultis 4,000+ links (http://loll.sourceforge.net/linux/links) which are updatedregularly.

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Linux/BSD command summaries Linux/BSD command summaries to help new Linux/BSD users. No more than 100 lines in length, each summary includes commonly used command options and examples.

Linux Guide The German Linux Guide introduces many scripts and programms which make the life with Linux easier, more comfortable, or simply more efficient.

Linux Interface Project Mockups, documentation, and prototypes for ideas from the historical Linux Interface Project (1996-1998) founded by Michael Dingler as well more recent graphical user interface innovations according to the motto: Kiss your boring GUI good-bye!

Linux Joystick Daemon joyd is a daemon that allows you to trigger commands on your computer by using your joystick or joypad. You can bind commands to single buttons, movements of your stick or combinations.

Linux Kontor Linux-Kontor is a free ERP (enterprise resource planning) software suite.Its core components are customer, order, invoice and stock management. It's written completely in Java and has a three-tier architecture.

Linux Letters and Numbers This is a Linux replacement, for the windows game "Larry's Learning Letters and Numbers." It's a fun learning game, helping children learn their letters, numbers, and spelling. In addition, children get comfortable using a computer.

Open Linux TSPL Open Linux TSPL is a multiplatform (cross-platform) free software suite for software and web development. Open Linux TSPL helps developers create applications for Win32, Linux, Unix and Mac using one codebase. [Will be released: September, 2008]

P2P-Wifi-Linux-FileSharing We intend to develop a wifi enabled p2p file sharing system on a linux platform using jxta and java. The purpose is to build a system that can be ported to an embedded device at a later stage and be used for p2p file sharing ...

WIndowing Remote Linux Dialer PyWIRLD started as a remote ppp dialer. It will be able to manage several machines from a single client, monitor and control network interfaces, and have all features availible via dynamically loadable plugins.

Cyrillic support for Java 2 under Linux Cyrillic support for Java 2 under GNU/Linux. Adds input method for XFree86 4.x and CP1251 encoding for java.nio subsystem.

LoaderLot LoaderLot was developed to offer a file uploader that has many features that are suitable for everybodys needs, no need to develop your own uploader but with this script it generates a site for you instantly. Giving you the features that you need. Simple

Loadunit Loadunit is a Junit-based framework for unit testing of scalability andperformance. It enables running completely automated load-tests ofsoftware and generates reports about the throughput and performance oftested applications.

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